Crystal Heirs ATCs

I made these trading cards on the theme of “People of the Snow and Ice.”

Sometimes when the mood strikes me just right, I have fun drawing these little pieces of art!  I never quite know what I’ll get until I’m done.

Prismacolor Pencils on a blue background.

Steampunk Cross Stitch

A 100% Original Cross Stitch Design by Argyle Imp

  I’ve finally finished my steampunk cross stitch!  Designed from scratch, based on an original piece of art I drew, I began stitching last year, early.  I worked intensely for several months and finished all but the backstitch.  Now, at last, she is complete!  

Green Haired Woman

As many of you know, I am an avid lover of the art of ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards.  Some little time ago I became a member of the juried site, where I have been involved in many swaps with distinguished artists over the years.  Here is one of my favorite cards that I’ve created, drawn on the theme of, yes, you guessed it “green haired woman.”

Title: Green Haired Woman

Prismacolor Pencil on Green Paper.

Just Jesters Coloring Book

Announcing my new coloring book! Over 30 coloring pages of happy Jesters flaunting their stuff.  Ain’t nothing to take the edge off the world’s weirdness like grabbing some Crayolas and going to town! None of those overly complicated strain-your-brain teeny-tiny geometric shapes here. Just a bunch of easy-peasy make-you-happy drawings to color just for fun!  With companion Jester-quips to make the adult in anyone smile. Available now on Amazon.
Crayola crayon.  Yup.  Just that simple.