Just Jesters Coloring Book for Grown-Ups (And Wannabes)

Jesters and Friends!

Chock full of happy Jesters flaunting their stuff.  These big-headed giant-eyed Jesters aren’t merely cute, but ready at a moment’s notice to throw their witty wit in the general direction of all comers.  So come, join the fun!

Ain’t nothing to take the edge off the world’s weirdness like grabbing a box of Crayolas and going to town with delightfully dancing characters straight from the king’s court!

None of those overly complicated strain-your-brain teeny-tiny geometric shapes here. Just a bunch of easy-peasy make-you-happy drawings to color just for the joy of it.  With companion Jester-quips to make the adult in anyone smile.

Over 30 coloring pages and witty sayings.  Available at Amazon.